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I want you all to know what I was thinking about as I lay in bed last night.

Why has no one invented spray-on wrapping paper?  Like, you could spray it on all the presents in one easy swoop – and then it just peels off when people unwrap.

As you can tell, we brought in 2018 like rockstars.

So, we have another holiday card on the books and I have to admit, 2017 was tough. Every idea we came up with seemed too snarky – or we knew would greatly offend at least some.  And truthfully, our goal is to make people laugh – not rage.  (Though I did have one idea that still makes Brian laugh out loud and he was really out of sorts when I squashed it… it involved bending the knee. That’s all I’ll say.) But this year, it was so hard to find that fine line between satire and disgust.  In fact, my vote was that we not do one at all.  But then, as we drove one night to pick Hannah up from dance, I told Brian not to talk to me until I came up with something – and by the time we reached our destination, I had it. It’s certainly not our most clever, but I think it’s a nice poke at the current state of affairs – and we truly do look forward to a more inspiring 2018.

Which brings me to my next point: I’m going to rock the hell out of 2018, I’ve decided.

Remember last year when I declared 2017 the Year of No?  Well, that worked out fine and it actually did feel good to just decline things I wasn’t interested in rather than dread the participation. But, truthfully, my foot injury put me out of commission for half of the year on most things anyway, so it wasn’t really hard to turn down things, because I had no choice.  So, that brings me to my current state of mind: I actually no longer want to say no.

It’s amazing the drive you get when you have no choice but to sit at home. I have never really craved working out – until I wasn’t able to. Also, sitting around for so long this summer really made me realize how completely inactive and unsocial I was becoming before the injury.  I wanted to slap myself for being so lazy when I had the ability to do so much!

So… guess what? I’m going to flip things on their head and proclaim 2018 as the Year of Yes!  Actually, I’ve already started. The last month or so has been the Month of Yes. (I’m pretty sure my friend Jen is still shocked that I followed through and met her for a workout session with her personal trainer. Thank you, Jen, for never giving up on me!).

I’m saying yes to optimism without the fear of being blindsided by something horrible.

(Can I get an Amen! from my fellow anxiety friends on that one?)

I’m saying yes to lunches and brunches and dinners and drinks with friends. Hell, I even had a brunch date recently with a girl I (have never actually) met on Instagram. She’s super cool and from Chicago as well!

Thank you for not being a psycho and murdering me, Marla.

You can take the girl out of anxiety…

I vow to say yes to the things that will benefit my mind and body.  I’m saying yes to enjoying the moment without the doom of “this shall pass” hovering over my head like an ominous cloud of warning. (Again, my anxiety friends will understand this…)

I’m saying yes to positivity. And, while my snarky little self will still be lurking (I mean, she’s kind of fun, right?), I vow to jump in head first without thinking of the 541 ways I could be killed, maimed…or bored.

I vow to bring back the carefree Jen.

(Well, within reason… I am a mother now, for God’s sake. Don’t be asking me to hit The Drink on Thursday nights in Chicago.)

Ok, so let’s do this! (See how I just roped you into this, too?)  Don’t blame me. Blame my friends Robb and Jenna. They both inspired me to say yes to more.*

*So, if this doesn’t work out and we all end up in a Mexican prison doing 15 to life, let’s blame them.

Happy New Year!






  • Anna

    Yay! I hope this means we really will have a 2018 meetup! LOL. And Good Gawd…those Thursday nites at the Drink! I think I would need a week’s vacation to recover if I did that today. Happy New Year to you and your brood! xoxo

    • Jen

      Yesssss! (See, I’m saying yes to you already!) Can you imagine us at The Drink now? I’d be asking them to turn down the music and trying to take cat naps in the corner booth. LOVE YOU! xo

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