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New name, old me.

I’m re-branding!

Wait, scratch that.

I’m a human, not a brand.

I’m re-naming!

There. Less fancy, more real.

Yep, I’m re-naming. Everything.  For several reasons… all good (I think).

Read more below about why The Velvet Hive is being quietly led out the back door (with parting gifts, I promise! I’m not a monster…) and a new name/look/blog is being ushered in and welcomed with open arms (I hope).


Ok, first…

New Year = New Look.

Who doesn’t love a fresh start?  I certainly do.  You know how Madonna always re-invents herself?  Well, The Velvet Hive has left the Papa Don’t Preach stage and is now entering the kinder, gentler mama stage (remember when Madonna first had Lourdes and was [briefly] all hippy dippy and softer around the edges?).

You know what? Let’s scratch the Madonna analogy. That ain’t gonna work here.

New year = new look.  Let’s leave it at that.

So, if you happen to visit here and we are mid-construction, please wear your hard hat and know that we’ll be all pretty (and safe) again soon. Also, the old website will eventually direct you straight to the new one.


Back to writing.

I used to write to write.  I didn’t have to overthink what I wrote, because my writing was mostly anonymous and it couldn’t harm or hurt anyone.  Also, there was none of this big blog-business that there is now.  I’m not criticizing the blog industry revolution, but I am criticizing the way I have let it affect my writing.  Somewhere along the way, after sharing a few posts, I was no longer anonymous and since the cat was now out of the bag, I decided to just go for it and put everything out there – with my face (and my family’s) linked to it all.

I don’t have to tell you that this ended up being both a very positive experience – but also a negative one. I’ve written about it before. The more attention you get (even if it is little ol’ me and my little ol’ blog), the more room you leave for misunderstanding and/or criticism. It comes with the territory and I understand it. But a recent wake-up call made me understand it at a whole new level. Though I am not going to completely sensor myself or only write about rainbows and butterflies, I will be a little more vague with regard to details and particular experiences. If I’m going to link my writing to myself publicly, I need to also protect those I love – and never put them in a situation of hurt or misunderstanding.

Therefore, I’m considering this new name/look as also being a new, mindful start.

And, finally…

I want to go back to me.

I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflecting lately. And, I’ve come to the conclusion that I miss me.

When my husband and I first met, I was very much “the glass is half full” girl to his “the glass is glaringly half empty” guy.  Every time he tried to shoot down a plan or idea with a We can’t do that!, I would reply with an Oh yes we can!

I know for a fact that my previous positivity and go-getter attitude was one of the reasons Brian fell in love with me, so I don’t know when or where it was that I started a slow decline from that happy, optimistic soul to this [more often than not] complete Debbie Downer.  The eternal optimist in me has been suffocated by a perpetual pessimist, and it’s time I start to re-train my brain into believing even the smallest lemons can indeed be turned into lemonade…. or, better yet, vodka lemonade.

A fresh start is what I need right now.  I’m going to go back to writing for myself (but in a much more mindful way). I’m going to turn this blog back into what it originally was – a boring place of my musings. No more recipes, no more decor. To be honest, that was all a fleeting-Gemini-moment anyway.  (Though I will share that kind of stuff on Facebook and Instagram, I just don’t need to write about it.)

So, it’s back to the basics for me.

And with this transformation (or would it be a regression?), I’ve decided to compliment my inner-makeover with an outer one as well.  A new look for the old me…

…with a name that will be a constant reminder that it’s all as simple as turning Lemons Into Vodka.


Coming soon…




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  • vanessa

    I love Lemons into Vodka. I love that you do things. You go forward. You could still be thinking of starting your blog. But….your not. So you are on your way with the reinvented Blog and the self tweaking that will never die…I hope. You can talk about Madonna. I love it. You are brave. Swear like it’s a condiment. If you don’t want anymore flattery let me know.

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