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Loads of Fun: The Laundry Room


Well, my one-week laundry makeover is complete! Well, for the most part. I’m still looking for a wall drying rack that will need to be installed and a laundry basket sorter. Other than that, this room is dunzo!  What was once the always dirty “dog” room is now probably the prettiest room in the house. And the game changer was definitely the wallpaper (more on that a little further down).

Our laundry room is a nice size and it’s been doubly utilized as a great bedroom for the dogs at night, but it was never a priority for me to “make it nice.”  However, it leads off of our kitchen and I really grew tired of closing the door, because the view into the room is always a complete mess with towels and shoes thrown all over the floor, coats with nowhere to hang… and don’t get me started on the gloves and hats and dog toys.  I finally reached my disorganization limit (and, trust me, it takes a lot for me to reach that limit) and decided to give the room the respect it deserves.  (Also, my father-in-law always comments on what a nice, big space it is for a laundry room and I started to feel like I was doing him a disservice by not utilizing it properly.)


So… let’s get on with the redo!



This laundry re-do is brought to you by:




1. I totally just made up that tag line.
2. This is not a sponsored post.
3. However, Tide, if you’re reading this and you want to license out that tag line, call me.

Ok, where were we?

Oh, let’s start out with some glorious before photos of my laundry room. I warn you, if you are one of those anally clean, organized people, the following photos may make you shudder. Or vomit. Whatever.

(Is anally a word? Doesn’t seem right…)

Ok! Here’s the before:








































Seriously. What kind of filthy animals live like that?!

We do. We live like that.


Moving on…

The wallpaper. Ok, let’s discuss the wallpaper. I don’t think I’ve ever received as many messages on any post I’ve written as I have on this wallpaper. Y’all want to know if it was that hard… what was involved… if I think you can do it.  The answers are: 1) at first; 2) not much; and 3) YES, YOU CAN!

My initial plan was to have Brian help me, because I heard nothing but horror stories on hanging wallpaper. However, the more stories I heard, the more they seemed to be about marriages ending over hanging wallpaper than the actual hanging of wallpaper. So, I called my mom and asked the age old question, “What would Janice do?” (Janice is my mom.)  She immediately told me I could do this on my own and gave me some tips.

And then, I went into battle.

No, I’m not kidding. I literally went into battle with a panel of glue-activated wallpaper. It tried to kill me. Well, suffocate me. I was wearing it like a sheath dress. That wallpaper was more handsy than Harvey Weinstein in a robe holding a glass of chianti.  I screamed for it to get off me while cursing Mama Janice for clearly having way too much faith in her offspring.

Ok, so that was my first panel. The rest went a little more smoothly.

Actually, the rest went a lot more smoothly. For every panel you put up, you get more and more comfortable with the next and you pretty much perfect your “system” by the end of it. So, yes, you CAN do this, I swear! And I even recommend doing it alone. I think if Brian were with me, I’d have been anxious and snappy and one of us would have ended up wallpapered to a tree down the block.

And it wouldn’t have been me.

I was considering doing a YouTube video to show you all what worked best for me, but then I got lazy and didn’t feel like putting on mascara, so instead I’m going to give you a few dos and donts that I learned along the way:

  • Make sure you buy extra wallpaper, especially if you are using wallpaper with a pattern.
    I was very lucky that Wayfair accurately measured out how much I needed (w/extra to boot), but I’m not sure all suppliers do such a good job. If you are using a pattern, you especially want extra, because you will lose paper when you have to line up the patterns and cut off the excess.
  • If you are using a pattern, measure out and line up your panels beforehand.
    This honestly saved me so much time and I don’t know why anyone would not do this. I measured the length I needed (w/a few extra inches to spare), cut the first panel – and then lined up the pattern to it for the next panel and cut, etc. I wrote each panel number on the back in pencil, so that when it came time to hang them, I had everything in order.
  • If you have pre-pasted wallpaper, but can’t find a water tray…
    Apparently, my town does not carry water trays for wallpaper… anywhere. I finally gave up and was going to use my bathtub (which would have been a total pain, as it’s on the second floor), but then took a look around Lowes and found a storage container that was about the right size (and bonus: I can use it again for storage). It ended up working perfectly. Just make sure it’s big enough to fit the width of your roll.
  • Make sure you have enough room for “booking.”
    If you have pre-pasted wallpaper like me, you will be “booking” the paper. (Google/look on YouTube) This part made me nervous and with good reason. This is how I ended up tangled with my first panel. After submerging your paper in water for the recommended time, make sure you unroll it out the right way, so you can lay it across a flat space and “book it.” I covered my washer/dryer with towels and used that. I booked two rolls at a time and that seemed to work well.
  • Use the sharpest tool ever to cut the paper!
    I cannot stress this enough. I made the mistake of using one of Brian’s old box cutters and I now have shaggy ends on one wall where I had to cut. About 1/3 way through (after spitting out every swear word I’ve ever known), I grabbed an extra sharp pairing knife from my kitchen and that worked 1000 times better.
  • Buy seaming glue.
    You will likely have a few seams that just don’t stick. I waited a day and then fixed any loose seams with wallpaper seam glue. Worked like a charm.

When it’s all said and done, you will be super happy with your results. I sure am and I’m so glad I did it!  It truly changed the entire room and our view from the kitchen is no longer a giant eye-sore.

I actually really love DIY projects. Yep, I’m one of those… I was telling Brian the other day that I would rather be re-vamping the laundry room than going to a movie.  I’m not necessarily a busy-body who can’t sit still (trust me, I can sit still like a pro), but I like to have projects that keep my mind focused on “in the now.”  I find that this kind of busy work does wonders for my anxiety – and I can’t recommend it enough if you are one of those people who needs to get out of your own head and/or way sometimes.


Soap-Box PSA Moment

Sometimes, after I’ve completed a home project, I will get the comment, “I just don’t have the time…”
or, my personal favorite, “Who has the time for that?”
I’m going to be honest here: don’t say that.
Besides it being a rude and dismissive thing to say, it’s just not true.
We all find time for the things we enjoy, even if it’s something small.
People find the time to go to movies, read books, scroll through their phones, shop at Target…
And some people carve out time to decorate and do DIY projects. We all have our own hobbies.
I assure you, we’re all busy. I have a four-year old and a very full time job.
This is my escape and I enjoy it.
I hope your escape makes you just as happy!


Ok, so now that you’ve seen the glorious BEFORE photos (and probably want to take a hot bath and wash your eyeballs), let’s get to some AFTER photos.

My sweet husband decided –  after I wallpapered, painted, hung the shade, shopped for the bench, and hung the shelves (properly with anchors and a level, I might add) – that he should probably contribute so he can obtain some street (e.g., laundry room) cred.  So, he sweetly made this waterfall shelving over the washing machine and dryer.  I found a tutorial here if you are interested; however, we did it a little differently.  (Hers looks fantastic – and I may actually paint ours black.)

We used oak plywood (unlike the tutorial, we used one thick piece instead of glueing two together) and I quickly added one coat of polyurethane in semi-gloss.  I also added some veneer trim today to cover up the rough edges. You literally iron them on and they make a big difference!

So, there you have it. We finally have a laundry room that doesn’t look like the set from The Walking Dead.

If you have any questions, ask in the comments here or on the linked Facebook post. Links to where I shopped are provided below.

Stay tuned for my Stop The Crop body update – and I also have a few really cool giveaways coming up!




{Wallpaper: Wayfair}
{Baskets and Plants: TJMaxx}
{Plywood: Lowes}
{Washer/Dryer: Sears}
{Bench: HomeGoods}
{Shelves: Ikea}
{Striped Rug: Houzz}
{Small Striped Basket: Target}
{Paint: Accessible Beige by Sherwin-Williams}



  • Beckee Wheelock

    Looks amazing and I love the PSA moment. Pass/Agro comments like that drive me bananas too. (And I bet 1000% those same people lurk on Facebook for SO MANY HOURS). Love this makeover so much and I’m ready for you to come do my mud room now. Please. xo

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