A hero named Haley.



You are her memory of chubby baby arms, first words and endless kisses.
You are the vessel of her dreams, the keeper of her hopes, the carrier of her heart.
You are her child with decades left unfulfilled.
You are the greatest promise of her love, broken by an unfair pain.
You are the fire running through her veins to push her to keep going.
You are the light shining through a tunnel when she wants to give up.

You are no longer here.
But, you are always here.
And we have not forgotten.
Because of you.
Because of her.


It’s no secret that Heroes Like Haley is close to my heart. What crushes me is that participation in Haley’s annual run is down to one hundred people – down three-hundred people from last year. When Haley left this earth, her mother, my friend, promised that she would keep helping kids fight cancer in Haley’s name. Can you imagine being Haley’s mom? Fighting in your daughter’s honor every day… only to watch the participation dwindle and then to feel forgotten?

Life moves at a lightening pace and we all fall into the trap of glorifying “busy.” Or reciting excuses that only seem to satisfy ourselves…

Please, take one moment today and consider either participating in the Heroes Like Haley 5K (you can run virtually, like me!) – or give up Starbucks for a few days and sponsor my run (click here). Ten dollars, twenty dollars… whatever.

You may be less a few lattes for a week. But you’ll also be one more person who cares.

And to someone’s mama (and me), that may mean the world.




Meet our newest little HERO….Savannah, the sweetest and most kind hearted little 8 year old girl from Island Lake. At 5 years old she was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor. It returned in April! In the exact words of Savannah’s mom, “We had just purchased our dream home in November to start a new life and now the tumor is back. The financial stress this is causing is very hard.”

A portion of net proceeds raised from this years race will be donated to Savannah’s family to help them pay their mortgage.


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