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Fall refresh.



It’s fall. My favorite.

This year, I shall defy the Missouri weather by turning the air conditioning up enough to feel comfortable in sweaters. I will look out my window and pretend it’s not 80 degrees on most days. I will spray paint the leaves forcing them to turn.

I will have my fall, dammit.


And how are all of you? It’s been awhile…

I had a nice summer break of not writing. I am still not sure how much or often I will write. Or what I will write about. Likely, things that interest me at the moment… with no theme or direction or scheduled pattern.

Lifestyle Blogger… I am not.

Something I will definitely be writing more about:


Over my hiatus, I have dealt with the worst panic attacks I have ever had. I reached a new, terrifying low, unfortunately.  I realized I had to truly start paying attention to the triggers that lead to an inevitable spiral.

And the two most significant culprits:

  • What I put in my body
  • What I watch on television

Proactively working on both has helped hugely in the last few weeks.  I feel like a different person – and so I don’t understand why I have, so many times, gone back to putting myself in situations and/or consuming things that affect every part of me so negatively.  I realize now this will be a never ending battle.  A continuous work in progress.

Why do we do this to ourselves?  

So, moving forward, you will be hearing a lot about self-care. Healthy food choices. And, against all of my swearing up and down that I wouldn’t do another “fad” diet – I will be writing a lot about Keto.  Because it has helped me tremendously by knocking out processed foods and the chemicals in them that I truly feel drive me insane. However, I promise not to shove it down your throats. I’m not selling anything and so I don’t need to sell you on anything. I will just be sharing my experiences here and there.

And I will likely be writing and posting about fluff.

Lots of ridiculous, unnecessarily necessary fluff.

I’ll be posting about style – both home and apparel.  I’ll be linking inexpensive finds. I’ll be linking expensive (but worth it) finds. And I won’t apologize for either.

I’ll be sharing things and ideas and items that I find interesting.

So, basically, the same old same old.

But again…. a real lifestyle blogger, I am not.  I envy those that can do that the right way, but I’m just not built for it.

So, should you not be interested in what I am posting or writing about, please know that I will not be offended by that unfollow button in the least. I wouldn’t follow a person I had no common interests with – or interest in, in general – so neither should you!


So, happy fall, y’all.

See you soon! Or not…





  • Anna Hagel

    So excited for more! I’ve missed you! Sorry to hear about the PA’s, but that’s so amazing that you recognize what triggers them! That is the best place to start. Love you!

  • Colette

    I love all your posts and look forward to what you have to share! So cliché, but in a world where you can be anything, be yourself! Cheesy but true…You do you girl. Enjoy mock fall in MO! Haha

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