Show Me what you’re working with: Finally getting to know St. Louis after ten years.

Every since I moved to the St. Louis area from Chicago ten years ago, I have struggled with feeling a connection. I don’t know if that is because my entire family remained in the Wisconsin/Illinois area or if my love for Chicago was (is) so deep that I stubbornly refused to mentally invest in any other area. Either way, to this day, I have never given Missouri a fair shake and I will be the first to admit it.

Many people told me that once Ivy grew a little older and I became more involved in extracirricular activities, this town would start to feel more like home. Yes, my step-daughter was born and has always been raised here, and I have felt somewhat of a connection with the area and people through her activities. But, as a step-parent, no matter how welcoming the community and her extended family have been, I have always felt one step removed somehow. As if I were a “plus one” to a party where I really knew no one.

It turns out that those people who told me to wait it out were right though. Through Ivy’s school and functions and activities, combined with our move a few years ago to a fantastic neighborhood filled with families, I have become more comfortable and felt more of an active member here as opposed to an iffy bystander.

Lately, through blogging and meeting other local women through Instagram in the St. Louis area, I have felt even more of a desire to seek out new places and explore Missouri as a whole.

And I truly, truly do want to get to know this town.

So, this morning, I grabbed (read: dragged) my husband to Katie’s Pizza Pasta in Rock Hill for brunch.  We have actually been to Katie’s before and her pizza is so good. It very much reminds me of the pizza in Italy – a light, but hearty crust – and her menu, in general, is drool-worthy.


I had the Arrabiatta eggs and Brian had the Pesto Quattro Formaggio pizza, which has basil pesto, fresh mozzarella, provolone, parmigiano and goat cheese.

My husband and I rarely get date nights these days. The logistics of a babysitter combined with all of the girls’ activities make the concept nearly impossible.  Once in awhile, we get super lucky when big sis can watch Ivy and we escape for a few hours.  We’ve found that Sunday mornings have been the best time, and I have to say, I’m kind of enjoying the day dates we’ve been having.  We get out and about and explore a little more instead of the usual dinner and a movie.

With the hours that flash by and the days that seem to come and go without notice, I feel this pull to make sure that my husband and I make time for each other more than ever.  Every once in awhile, after weeks or so of feeling like we only see or really talk to each other in passing, I say, “Ok, we’re starting to enter the friend zone. Time to pay more attention.”  And we do.

Please, please universe: make sure we always do.

Today at brunch, I was telling my husband that we need to start taking turns every Sunday picking a day date adventure.  We both know that, more often than not, these dates will include a third and/or fourth wheel (called Ivy and Hannah), but we’re both more than okay with that. We just want to start exploring and doing different things together as a family or as a couple.  I want to get to know every corner of this city and it’s outskirts – whether that means we’re climbing up bluffs or shopping at small pop-ups around town.

And, trust me, we will definitely be doing both.  Brian told me his dates will include a lot of hiking. I told Brian my dates will include a lot of city dwelling and brunches.

And, so, we have a deal!

I have to say, my husband was a trooper on our day date today.  He had brunch (which he actually loved) and then he patiently waited as I perused the shops for an event, Pop Up Brunch Club, happening right outside Katie’s. It was a really cute event and I finally got to check out some of the small businesses that I follow on Instagram.

I even made my own bouquet from Rudy’s Flower Truck, which is honestly the sweetest truck and coolest concept.

Rudy’s Flower Truck


Food trucks, flower trucks, give me all the trucks!  Wait, what’s that you say?  There’s a boutique on wheels, too?!  I think we’re going to be good friends, St. Louis.

If you are in the St. Louis area, definitely follow Rack + Clutch on Instagram or Facebook and find out where they are headed. It’s the cutest little shop on wheels. I found an adorable sun dress and top and the owner, Emily, is as sweet as they come!

All in all, a fun morning!  I’m excited to check out more local events and post about them – either on here or Instagram.  And I’m excited to share with you all what I find.

If there’s a certain area in St. Louis you are interested in, but haven’t yet experienced, let me know and I’ll be your eyes and ears and check it out for you!  Just send me a message or leave a comment here or on my Facebook page.

And if you’re not already following me on Instagram, head over there!  As I’ve said before, Instagram is my happy place.  No headache inducing diatribes.  It’s a supportive, creative community where I’ve met a lot of new, great friends.

Happy Sunday, all!




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