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Running joke.

You guys.

I just ran.  For ten minutes.  In a row.


No, I don’t think you understand.  I just ran for ten consecutive minutes in a row. (And then walked for five.) And then I ran ten more minutes in a row.

On purpose.

I wasn’t even being chased.

If you still don’t understand what a miracle this is, then let me give you a little backstory.  I do not run. I am not a runner.  Never have been.  In high school, when we had to run the ten-minute mile, I ran the first half of a lap and then gracefully kept running straight to the back of the sports equipment shed.  And then I hid there…

And then I joined back in on the last half lap.

I don’t know if Ms. Gichert, our phy-ed teacher, never saw me – or if she just thought what I was doing was so incredibly sad that she never said anything.

But I don’t run.

Like, EVER.

I would like to blame this on my activity-induced asthma (Shutup, it is too a thing!), but truthfully, I have the motivation and endurance of a turtle on sedatives.  Combine that with my complete lack of an attention span and after 45 seconds of a light jog, I’m out.

So, my one and only CCLW (Currently Can’t Live Without) for this post is:

1/ Couch to 5K app

I am now on Week 6 and I’m actually accomplishing each day’s challenge.  It’s a very gradual progression app and my ultimate goal is to fully run the Heroes Like Haley 5K coming up in July.

So, if you, too, hid behind sheds in high school, I can’t recommend this app enough.  Or, I could come to your house and chase you around your neighborhood with a knife if that’s what it takes.  (But please note that I can currently only chase you in ten minute increments.)

Ok, moving on…

Well friends, it has been exactly seven weeks since I posted that glorious current situation photo on my blog.  I am happy to announce that I have since lost nine pounds.  I am over half-way to goal and I’m hoping the next seven weeks get me there.  As great as do I feel, I’d also be lying if I didn’t say there have been some frustrating moments, particularly with how slow the weight seems to be coming off.

Every week, I get on that scale after a meticulous ritual.  I wake up, go straight to the bathroom and strip down more diligently than one would for a body cavity search in prison (after peeing, of course… because ounces are ounces).

I take off everything. And I mean, everything. Pajamas, underwear, hair ties, jewelry, tampons. I clean out my earwax and blow my nose. I shave off any leg hair that may weigh me down.

I also may do a few jumping jacks.

And then I get on that digital mind-f*cker and I see what she’s got to say.

And though I know this is a marathon, not a sprint – every week I’m a little bummed.

As I said before, I’ve been on diets (*cough* Atkins *cough*) where I lose six pounds in the first week!  So, seven weeks of counting calories and working my butt off (literally) and “only” losing about a pound a week has, at times, been frustrating.

Especially when your husband – who has completely half-a$$ed this whole thing with me – loses fourteen pounds in the same time frame.

(Good thing he’s cute.)

BUT… then I remind myself of the following things:

1/ I am not 25 anymore.
The days of losing five pounds after one week of salads are over.  My body has adjusted with time and I have to adjust with it.

2/ I have lost 9 pounds in 7 weeks.
If I hadn’t started this whole healthy lifestyle change, I’d still be 9 pounds heavier right now.  Seven weeks is a drop in the bucket!

3/ I feel great!
I really do.  Besides all of my clothing fitting great and my thighs shrinking every day, most importantly: my chronic anxiety is at an all-time low.  I have been happy and energetic and I don’t obsess about all the horrible things that could happen in the next 24-hours.

So, even if it is going slow, slow and steady really is winning the race this time.  As I also wrote before, I am definitely no expert in this arena.  But I can definitely be your cheerleader if you need it – and also tell you what works for me.  To date, it can be summarized by two things: calorie counting and moving.

Ok, I know I’m well overdue for a Current Situation photo, and I promise I really was going to post one today. But I’m currently pms’ing and I’m super puffy and if I have to post another photo like that, at least give me the courtesy of five to seven more days.

In the meantime, here’s a snap of me suffering through a workout after eating four (okay, five) chocolate chip cookies:

It was a sad day.


Still not good enough?

Fine, here’s actual footage of me running through my neighborhood.


Just kidding!

My boots are actually blue…




Stay tuned for an awesome giveaway coming up!  You guys know I’m not big on sponsorships and have a rule about them, so I promise it’s legit.  Also, y’all know I’m not that cool, so your chances of winning are pretty high. 




  • Colette

    Keep going girl! You got this! I will tell you though the scale is a f*cking liar so don’t completely go by what she says. She can be a real B! Your clothes and pictures will tell the real story. XO!

    • Jen

      Thank you, Colette! I try SO hard not to put too much weight (pun intended) into that dang scale, but it’s so hard. Thank you for the reminder – I needed it!! xo

  • Jill Christnacht

    You truly are my inspiration, not only in who you are, but in the things you do. Besides the fact that I love your house and how you decorate! You motivated me to join the Simply Fit board challenge for 21 days. I am on Day 6. It is killing me, but like you, I’m sticking with it! Thanks for the motivation. I love your blogs.

  • Anna

    YAY you!! Congrats! I’m reading the Best Life Diet (Bob Greene and Oprah’s trainer at one point) again and it has so many helpful takeaways…and bonus, you are already doing most of them! So double yay you!

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