Blogging: Finding the balance between sparkle and substance

Blogging: Finding the balance between sparkle and substance


First of all, I want you all to know that I somehow cut myself shaving this morning… above my belly button. I don’t remember shaving above my belly button, but I must have blacked out temporarily in the shower, because there’s a nick. There is one tiny hair that grows below my belly button that I shave every day, but I don’t recall going above and beyond that (pun intended).

Anyway, as I stuck a tiny piece of toilet paper to my hemorrhaging paper cut, it reminded me of the time my friend, whom shall remain nameless, Chris (whoops, sorry!) texted me frantically on the way to the hospital, because she was doing some, ahem, landscaping in the nether regions and nicked herself pretty good. The bleeding wouldn’t stop, so she finally asked our other friend, whom also shall remain nameless, Angie (I’m clearly not good with anonymity) to take her to the emergency room.

Because I’m a good friend, I soothed her with the sound of my laughter. Nonstop. I actually don’t even recall how that panned out – the bleeding. (I said I was a good friend, not a great friend.) So, Chris (sorry, it’s out of the bag now anyway), if you could update us with how they treat something like that, we’d all appreciate it!


Ok, let’s get to the actual purpose of this post.

The last week or so I’ve been restless at night and not sleeping well. I’m not so much anxious as unsettled. This can mostly be contributed, I’m sure, to the temporary derailment of eating poorly and not consistently working out (back on track now!). But, the bottom line is: I hate feeling restless and unsettled.

That last sentence is really stupid. Who enjoys feeling restless and unsettled?

As grateful as I am that I’m finding a new purpose for my blog and gaining a larger audience, I also have an alternate feeling of trepidation over the whole thing. After years of writing about more serious matters, I vowed to just write about fluff and fun stuff awhile back. But I soon realized that fluff is not enough and though I try to make this space funny and fun, for the most part, I also know that readers want to feel less alone about the not so fun feelings. Hence, my posts on anxiety and body image and hard parenting, etc. Sometimes, we just want to feel less alone. So, in trying to find some balance in posting, I’ve steered a lot of the fluff to my Instagram page.

I’ve said before that I love Instagram. It’s my “happy place” and actually the bulk of where I post. It’s also become a bit of a micro-blogging site that I turn to first  instead of my actual blog.  And I’m not alone.

Most of the sponsorship offers I get these days are strictly for posts on Instagram. My followers are nearing 10,000 and I think that sponsors are realizing that “less talk” and “more action” is the way to get their product out there. Or, in the case of Instagram, it’s less words, more photos.

But the last few days, I’ve been burned out on the fluff. And, last night, as I couldn’t sleep again, I thought about abandoning this whole thing altogether. The blog, the Facebook page, the Instagram…

What is the point of it?

At the exact time I was mulling over all of this, I received a message from a girl I grew up with (I actually babysat her, I believe). She sent me a quick two sentence message that read, “Please consider helping and sharing on your page that reaches so many. We really need the help reaching our goal this year.” It included a link to a fundraiser she was raising money for.

It probably seems so clear where this post is going, right? Share my friend’s post and feel good about social media, thereby solving my internal conflict.

Plot twist: I had the exact opposite reaction.

I read her message and filled with anxiety and dread. I can’t start asking people I don’t know to donate money! What if all of my friends start sending me causes they want me to promote? People come here for a laugh, not to be bothered…

I am so ashamed that this was my initial reaction. Especially because I was tossing and turning at the exact moment I received that message over how useless all of this blogging and posting felt. How silly and superficial.

I mean, for God’s sake, the universe just handed you an aswer, woman!

*This is the part of the movie where everyone does the slow clap, because Moron Me finally solves the problem.*

So, I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to the girl who sent me that message and to also thank her.  One little message from her on Facebook pulled my head out of my… well, head… and steered me in the right and better direction.

So, here’s what I’m going to do. Every Wednesday, I am going to post a Cause to Consider (#LiVCausetoConsider) on my Facebook page, my IG stories and through Twitter. Instead of worrying about how I may alienate followers through the possible perception of pestering, I’m going to ask you to join me in sharing something that really matters. Contact me with a cause that means a lot to you – and we will get your word out! Each Wednesday, I will feature a different cause.

What you need to do: Send me a paragraph telling me why this cause/fundraiser/charity means so much to you – and a link to donate/volunteer, etc. There is no way to better relate and understand each other than to share our own personal stories.

Listen, I’m not some big name influencer. But I am considered a micro-influencer. And as much as I love fashion and home decor and all that fluff, I love so much more the things that actually matter.

One of my very best friends, who shall remain nameless, Sharon (see! I just can’t do it!) once said to me, “If it’s important to you, it’s important to me.” I have never, ever forgotten those words – and I will be eternally grateful that I have her in my corner.

I can’t tell you all enough how much I’ve appreciated all of you and your support over the years. In my writing and/or in life! I want you know that I’m also in your corner. So, let’s work together on something good.

I promise not to name names, if you’re shy!

(That’s a complete and utter lie.)



Our first Cause to Consider:

March for Babies
Please read Sadie’s story and consider donating toward her goal.


“I have two kids, both born at 36 weeks. They were slightly premature, enough that it hit home. I met Jill Gilmore and she involved me in Marleighs Ministries. It’s a cause that helps premies and their families. Not all babies were as lucky as mine. My son, Edgar, was hospitalized at Children’s Hospital for a week when he was young and thats where it really hit me. These sick little kids are fighting for every breath!!! We all hear of rainbow babies and still births, and there is nothing that saddens my heart more! These poor little innocent babies face more of a struggle daily, just trying to survive, than some of us do our whole lives! These parents need support. This cause needs support. And if me and my babies can simply walk to raise money and donate even once a year to help raise awareness and take care of these poor families, IM ALL IN!!! Lets bond together and help fight for these precious, wonderful gifts of life!”


Click here to read more and donate!

  1. LOVE!!!!!!!!!! I will send you something about my little sister org 🙂
    I was also just thinking the same thing about IG (what’s the point?) and getting off of social media all together! So I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing too…
    And you are an influencer whether you like it or not! And I LOVE what Sharon said…so true!
    Lastly, how is your belly button?

  2. Cause to consider Wednesdays sound amazing! Looking forward to each one, I feel that we make a difference giving to local charities or a family in need of specific things rather than like the American heart association and they use the money to put commercials on tv KWIM? Anyway, when you babysat me you told us about the weird people at the nightclubs in Milwaukee (maybe Chicago) one guy specifically who picked peoples noses whether or not they knew them 🤣🤣 we loved you as a babysitter!! No one was that entertaining!!
    My advice for you-Ambien!! 💋❤️

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